About me

I am an applied mathematician and social scientist. My core topic is continuous opinion dynamics. I studied at the University of Bremen, where I also finished my doctoral studies in 2007. I was a post-doc at ETH Zurich at the Chair of Systems Design until 2009. And a scientist and experimental lab manager at the Center for Social Science Methodology at the University of Oldenburg. I am with the Jacobs University Bremen and Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences. I worked on the cohesion radar cohesion. I am teaching political science at the University of Oldenburg and plan further research on procedures, behavior, and systems dynamics of opinion dynamics and collective decision.

Find more in my Publications, my Posters and my CV, where you also find links to the slides of my talks.

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Research Topics: processes of opinion formation, processes of decision making, aggregation of the wisdom of crowds, rating systems, voting systems, consensus algorithms, swarms, cascades on networks, systemic risk, social cohesion
Tools: modeling and simulation, large scale data analysis, experiments, mathematical and statistical analysis
Mathematical fields: nonnegative matrices, inhomogeneous Markov chains, repeated application of means, positive dynamical systems, multiplicative and additive stochastic processes
General scientific interests: game theory, mathematics and politics, socio- and econo-physics, complex systems, network theory

Besides science I also loved to develop and perform in performance theatre, to juggle clubs and balls, and to play board games. I live with my family in Bremen.

Contact and Imprint:
Jan Lorenz
Wernerstr. 47
28203 Bremen