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In this post (in German) I demonstrated the superiority of the median over the mean in aggregating a good estimate for a guessing question which answers are bounded by zero but have no upper limit. I speculated further that the correct value often lies slightly above the median. John Doyle recently invented the meandian (see Meandian: A Measure of Location Based on Signed Rank of Deviations) as a measure in between the mean and the median. As a consequence the meandian is typically slightly larger than the median. Doyle showed on our PNAS dataset that the meandian indeed delivers as good results as the median and often better ones.

As I really liked the idea of the meandian, I quickly checked the measure on my “Weisheit der Bremer”-dataset and found:
Truth = 10788, Median = 9843, Meandian = 12170.
Deviations: |Median-Truth| = 945, |Meandian-Truth| = 1382.
Conclusion: Meandian is also good, but the Median wins in this case.
By the way: All are beaten by the geometric mean:
Geomean = 10510 (Deviation |Geomean-Truth| = 278)

Posters vs. Talks

This is my view on organization of scientific conferences, especially the mid-size and large ones. In my opinion poster sessions are a much more efficient way of scientific communication than a bunch of 20 minutes talks. I advocate for upgrading the scientific prestige posters deliver to the author to be larger than the prestige of short talks.
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